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The fourth graders have begun studying animals beginning with Invertebrates. Starting with sponges, the simplest invertebrate, they conducted a lab to see how absorbent natural or real sponges are compared to man-made sponges. Students predicted that the natural sponges would work better because the man-made sponges were “just copying” 🙂 More than just finding an answer, students in this lab are learning how to measure, record data, collaborate with a partner and ask questions. In the next week, we will be making a worm box, conducting slug races and studying some lovely parasites.

In fifth grade, after studying Plant adaptations, we have begun a leaf collection. I remember doing this in middle school and loved it. We are running all over campus looking at trees, keying them out and wondering what makes them successful. This is an in-class project but students do have a vocabulary assignment due this week. Tree Vocabulary

For sixth grade, news check out their owl reports on the previous post!

The seventh and eighth graders are just finishing a huge project on insects which included a collection of 25 insects. You can see what they were challenged to do by viewing this website.
Be sure to check out their social media posts where they became a bug on their blogs located on the side panel.

This week the 8th graders will head to Pigeon River country to listen for Elk!

There are great things happening in Science at Pathfinder. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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