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Dear Families,

It has been a surreal week, to say the least. Except for a quick chat with your students I have been working at our veterinary clinic trying to address people’s concerns while negotiating these tricky times. When I finally arrived home last night I opened my computer and found so many amazing, creative and well thought out projects I literally BURST into uncontrollable sobs as it hit me how much I miss my / your kids, classroom and community! The fear of the unknown and the grief for what is and isn’t happening finally hit home.


Looking forward, we have been asked to come up with a plan for online schooling in case the school closings go longer than April 5th. I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on how you felt about this last week’s work. Was it too much, too little, just right, too hard to negotiate or understand, too technical? Was the format okay and do you find Google Classroom easy to negotiate thus far? I am dedicated to making sure that your child can continue their education despite the wildness that we find ourselves in. Any tips or comments would be greatly appreciated.


I keep hoping we’ll all wake up and this last month could have been just a nightmare.


Thank you for your consideration,



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