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Class Blogging Guidelines

Operating your student blog is a privilege and must be treated as such. I hope to use our classroom blog in several ways:

  • Classroom assignments – You are expected to post one original blog post every week that relates to what we have done in science. Your post must include an image. This image can be from the class photo file which has been shared with you or an image from the internet. This post should be at least two paragraphs summarizing what we did, why we did it, and a reflection on what you learned. Your weekly post is due on Sunday following the week lived. PLEASE INCLUDE THE DATE OF THE SUNDAY IN THE TITLE SO I CAN GIVE PROPER CREDIT FOR THE POST.

  • For detailed instructions on how to write your blog click here
  • Curious human – as you are an insightful student of life, with opinions and thoughts, use your blog to write about your interests and to express your ideas. These posts can be about a passion, current event, class or school event, your favorite sport, or thing to do. Use this blog as a platform to hone your writing skills and to connect with others who share your ideas. This is your place to write and is not a class requirement – just do it! 🙂

In order to preserve your personal privacy and safety – it is imperative that you follow these guidelines when writing either a blog POST or COMMENT:

  • Only use your first name (for instance use Shane, not Shane Boland).

  • Never post any personal information (address, phone, email, etc.).

  • Do not invite readers to your personal social media sites i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc..

  • Always use proper English; refrain from using text language, shortcuts, or abbreviations.

  • Be a respectful cyber citizen; use good web manners and cultivate kindness online and offline.

  • Leave positive, encouraging feedback only.

  • Make meaningful contributions to online conversations by adding interesting information or insight.

WARNING: Inappropriate posts or comments will result in disciplinary action and loss of blogging privileges.

Your blogs are for academic purposes; therefore, it is important that you respect this blog space and participate with integrity. Make sure to keep your content middle school appropriate.

 Furthermore, remember that once something is posted, it is in the blogosphere forever and always.


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