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May 17, 2015
by Shane Boland Harrison

Raised Beds are Ready to Go!

Our annual Spring Spruce Up was held this weekend. This is a time when our school community gathers to clean up from winter and plant new for spring. Grandparent’s and Special Friend’s day is this Friday and students are excited to show off their amazing campus. Yesterday we were able to add 4 raised beds to our garden space near the hoop house. This outdoor laboratory will provide not only fresh produce but a place to observe plant growth and understand the symbiotic nature of growth. We will be planting seeds and transplants these next days and will be eager to see what our toil brings when we return to campus in September. 

A special thanks goes out to Mr. Rob Hansen, our super head of school, who not only wrote the grant but built the beds to make this happen on Saturday. 

New raised beds ready for seeds and transplants! Thank you Rob Hansen!

New raised beds ready for seeds and transplants! Thank you Rob Hansen!

May 10, 2015
by Shane Boland Harrison

Pathfinder April 2015

I have been a bit out of commission due to a fractured knee. I want to thank all of my students and colleagues for their kindness and patience as I work to negotiate my way around on crutches.

I am embedding a video of pictures from April using PhotoPeach. I apologize to the mobile users who may not be able to view it.


Pathfinder April 2015 on PhotoPeach  

May 3, 2015
by Shane Boland Harrison

Global Water Issues

The 7th Grade class researched global water issues and created a PowToon to demonstrate their understanding. If you would like to read a description of their project check out their blogs connected to this page. Enjoy!









April 21, 2015
by Shane Boland Harrison

Newton’s 2nd Law as Demonstrated by an Ordinary Citizen:)

After a minor disaster, where the videos Marlee and Lillian had compiled were accidentally deleted, the girls spent time after school to complete their assignment. Their creative, extra effort produced this excellent video on Newton’s 2nd Law. A special thanks goes out to their parents who helped make it happen and willingly participated in the process. Great job girls!



April 19, 2015
by Shane Boland Harrison

iPads and PhotoPeach


It has come to my attention that those trying to view the videos I made using the software PhotoPeach, on iPads, are unable to do so. I have contacted both Edublogs and PhotoPeach and they both blame the other as to why this is so. I am really sorry. I am hoping they can remedy the situation. If not I will look for another way to showcase the cool things that happen in our classroom. The videos can be seen on a desktop or laptop computer. 

Thanks for your patience and support!


March 23, 2015
by Shane Boland Harrison

Compound, Mixture and Element Quiz

I am working on the Edublog Teacher Challenge. This week I was “challenged” to use a new video software program. I love to take pictures of my students in action and have been using PhotoPeach to create videos that recap a month of Pathfinder science. What I didn’t realize was how easy it is to make quizzes in PhotoPeach. I made this quiz for my 6th graders.

Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Quiz on PhotoPeach

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